Syncretism is a very troubling problem that has plagued Christianity since the earliest days

of the Jesus Movement. It seems that syncretism is a human condition that goes all the

way back to Adam and Eve! As we have studied and focused on the peoples, cultures and

nations that make up our history as it is recorded in the Bible, maybe we should take an

assessment of who we are and the job that we have done here in these modern times. It is

impossible to study the “Old Testament” or the “Tanakh” as it is called in Judaism without

seeing all the failings of those who have preceded us. God wants us to see and to learn

from our lineage; not to condemn or to belittle the Chosen of history (and of all Eternity).

Those precious words, our Holy Scriptures, are there for us to see and recognize that we

also are all too often just as weak. How would we appear, in the eyes of the whole universe,

if we were compared with King Jehu of the Northern Kingdom of Israel? He was the king

who destroyed the dynasty that brought pure Baal worship to the people. He was the king

who brought back the God of Israel to the people. But, he was the king who didn’t go far

enough.He brought back worship of God with the ways of Baal!

Where are we today as a movement? Where are we as representatives of the One True

God? Is our religious observance as pure as what is required? That is a question for you

as an individual as well as a member of the larger movement. As for me, this Christian

shall continue observing the appointed times of the Lord. Passover starts this afternoon

and the Feast of Unleaven Bread begins at sundown. I shall observe the Early First Fruits

on the third day.


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